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2nd of November service outage.

OVH Canada are experiencing technical problems due to a fibre cut.

Service should be fixed in the next 24 hours, expect problems streaming and using the site and services in the mean time.

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Need help getting started? Here you can find out how to stream and use the site.

How to get stream server and key.

Thanks for the info

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Need help with streaming? Ask here

Streams not working on Chrome

I was about to stream when I noticed that you can't view them. Everytime you tried to refresh, it showed like if I were offline. I've streamed in this site before, so I know this is a recent problem. I would like to know what to do to fix it. I know that the stream can still be seen in Firefox; but for reasons I rather not mention, I have to use Chrome.

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A few glitches and cleanup!

It seems to work well now

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