Rules here are very loose. But use common sense when streaming and using the site...

Users are not to;

  • Stream porn or other adult material other than artwork.
  • Stream or link to child abuse or any other obscene media
  • Stream full screen movies, tv shows or other media without permission from the original copyright holder (users can stream content like this, but only if it takes less than 25% of the screen and is not the main focus of the stream).
  • Embed streams on external websites without permission.
  • Abuse or harass the site, moderators or users on the site.
  • Stream unnecessarily for long periods (leaving streams running while not doing anything ei, sleeping)

FURSTRE.AM is has many points of presences around the world. All users on the site must abide by the law in these areas as well as where they live.
These PoPs include, United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany and The Netherlands.

Here at FURSTRE.AM we do our best to keep your data private and secured. We do not share your data with anyone unless requested by authorities for legal reasons. Data such as the chat messages are not stored permanently on the server but logs of user access to the site and service are kept for some period of time.

These rules will change and be updated. It is advised that you check this page and refresh yourself with what is on it periodically.